Currently there are endless possibilities and opportunities in social networks to present and promote a product. In general, users seek more and more visual impacts that attract attention and, above all, make them wake up emotions or live experiences. It is a society that seeks to be entertained, surprised and, at the same time, informed. This trend is not far from the architecture or construction sector. Specifically, until today, the trend was to use 3D render to represent space quality.

However, this is a changing and dynamic world, in which trends also vary constantly. Thus, innovations, such as 360º video, are currently a reality. This fact has transformed the dynamics of selling or presenting spaces, since it allows the interaction of the subject and facilitates decision making.

Innovation in the world of architecture and construction

If we have to list some of the main advantages of incorporating videos or 3D render when carrying out a project, we must mention, without doubt, the possibility of diffusion in the networks. Facebook, Twitter and, especially, YouTube have adequate supports to share this type of content quickly and efficiently. Another advantage is the fact that the Internet and, by extension, the digital world, are not yet fully saturated with these new techniques for presenting products. Thus, users may feel more curious about content of this nature than for another more traditional and next to the invasive sale. It is also a good opportunity to reach more peoples and, why not say it, increase sales.

As a closing, it is important to bear in mind that the progressive change of the world has already begun and there is no turning back. Therefore, it is time to adapt to the novelties of the 3D render and look for the benefits that technology can offer us.