Design 3d houses

Design 3d houses with photorealistic images is the best solution when presenting a real estate project. And it is that architectural renders are the best tool imaginable for this purpose, both for the time saving and for the fact that they provide tangible results, with images of great visual impact.

How to get photorealistic architectural images

Thanks to the design 3d houses, it is not necessary for our client to be an expert in the matter, nor does he need to understand the technical documents an architectural project to visualize the final result. Architecture renders are self-explanatory thanks to the realism of their design, and are the best way to transmit concepts with great visual impact.

Photorealistic renders are common in campaigns to promote housing, architectural competitions, and other events in the real estate sector. For example, the presentation of a project to attract investors or the presentation of a relevant urban project.

The importance of the point of view

The working mechanics when design 3D houses is as follows: to start with, the reference images of the client are taken as a basis, and a render that is faithful to the desired style is created to achieve a visual representation of the project. But when it comes to showing the image of a house, there is a step prior to the creation of a render: choose a good frame. That is, it is about finding the point of view that best explains the architectural concept that you want to convey, in addition to realistically showing the dimensions and general appearance of the house.

Once the framings are chosen, 3D infographics are generated to integrate the architectural elements, the setting of the physical environment of the house and the rest of the objects. In the post-production phase, the color and lighting adjustments are made, and the small details are carefully reviewed.