The new industrial product photography

Furniture 3D Render for your catalog

The creation of furniture 3D render allows us to show a product – a piece of furniture, in this case – within a virtual space that seems real. The first advantage of this system is that it is no longer necessary to transport a product to photograph it in a specific physical environment. In fact, the process of 3D rendering generation allows us to do just the opposite: “transport” the physical environment and apply it in the environment of the product. With regard to the furniture industry, it is essential to have a good catalog that allows a fast and attractive visualization of a wide variety of objects, with different designs and specific qualities such as color or materials. And this is where 3D renderings become the best tool in terms of efficiency, both for the time saving and the visual quality with which the product is represented. The savings generated by the generation of virtual environments extends to other facets that go beyond communication. In fact, the reduction of costs can occur in other areas such as storage because it makes unnecessary investment in stock, and also in the field of production, since 3D renderings allow to virtually advertise the product before putting it on the market, and even before making it. Finally, the advantages of 3D renderings come to us from the hands of art and creativity. Imagine that you want to advertise a table, or an armchair, and that the manufacturer would like to display their furniture in a physical environment of extreme luxury. Can you do something like that, without triggering the budget? The answer is yes, with the infographic you can create or invent any environment imaginable, with a great visual impact, and with costs that are far below those of traditional industrial photography.