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Lighting – Pure 3D modeling

A lamp is primarily a source of light. But it is also an object charged with aesthetic emotion, which is integrated into a space, and which interacts with the rest of the visual elements. 3D modeling tools extend the potential of artistic creativity to unknown limits, and are the basis of any 3D model.

The treatment of light is a fundamental aspect in any visual representation of a space. During the day, sunlight is what commands. But at nightfall, it’s time for the lamps. Thanks to 3D modeling techniques, we are creating lamps that, in addition to providing an aesthetic value, are designed to behave like … lamps.

3D modeling serves to create anything from nothing, from a light bulb to the cable, with its different materials and textures. Subsequently, these objects will be integrated into an environment that is subject to the parameters of the lighting. Hence, our challenge is to design those objects that are light emitting, and that will modify the behavior of the rest of the elements.

During the last years we have generated many renders, and we have learned a lot about lighting. That is why we are turning this experience into the design of lamps through 3D modeling, a branch of infographics that for us is something more than a tool, and that can be compared with the art of sculpture. After all, both are governed by the same laws of physics.

The importance of 3D modeling of a lamp lies precisely in its ability to interact preponderantly with the rest of the space and the objects that make it up. In addition, a model created with 3D is more flexible when it comes to integrate into any other space designed with three-dimensional techniques.