3D modeling has several factors that make a difference compared to traditional methods. It means a saving of time and energy with respect to the models of the marketing campaigns of yesteryear. The advantages of 3D modeling go beyond saving, and have more to do with the increase of artistic potential when creating objects from scratch.

Greater capacity for work

The very dynamics of work in 3D modeling allows us to generate a greater number of images in the least amount of time on. The volume of work that a company can absorb increases when 3D artists join the workforce, and it is estimated that the resulting savings are around 20%

More ambience options

Once we have modeled the 3D design of the product – for example, an armchair – we have an almost infinite variety of options to place that armchair in any environment. The three ways to do it are:

  1. With a white background. This is the simplest formula, and the one most used by large companies.
  2. In a space that highlights the lifestyle: the armchair can be next to the fireplace, creating a cozy feeling.
  3. Accompanied by other objects to enhance product. For example, they can be objects that are associated with luxury, and that confer that value on the armchair.

The 3D modeling bench

Once we have created your 3D model, we have available file to acclimate the product.

The 3D image store incorporates new material every day. If we wanted, we could place our armchair in the Palace of Versailles, without spending a cent on decoration.

Greater artistic potential

3D infographics have been exploring the limits of art for some time. When it comes to modeling, our 3D artists have some tools that help them in their work. To begin with, we no longer have to invest a lot of time in color or material variations for the same model. In addition, since it is so easy, the artist can try with colors and textures that would never have come to mind if not for the advantages of having a 3D designed model